Monday, July 4, 2011

Lasting Memories challenge #45 Tri Shutter mini album

My sister got a new puppy the basically the same time I did only her's is bigger! It's a chocolate Great Dane! He's 6 months old, weighing about 90 lbs. already! I made her a tri shutter album of him so far!
 I liked making this album, it was cool.
I'm pleased with the way in turned out.
I made a little shadow box I got from my friend Renee.

Hope my sister likes it! I DO!


  1. Wow Denise. This is a great shutter album. Your sister will love it. And WOW, 90 lbs. already. That photo of large photo of him really makes you realize how big he is. Count Chocula is a great name. I'm going to look up how to make one of these.

  2. I do LOVE IT & that shadow-box thing is cute too (you always come up with the best things)!!!

  3. Holy and I thought ours were big!! 90 lbs at 6mths?? Yowza! What an awesome album!!!

  4. I LOVE this album! What a great job! I think your sister will love it!

  5. loveee this album!! i love to do anything kinetic, and this is awesome!! :) Love all your embellishments too-- (and the puppy is beautiful)

  6. LOVE this idea for a mini! Came out wonderful! Hugs!Dina

  7. One absolutely mind blowing creation, so much work, but well worth every minute of your time it is stunning.
    Hugs Shirley x x

  8. Wowzers, what a fabulous album. I don't think I would ever tackle anything like this, but you make it look so great. Wonderful job!!!