Sunday, June 2, 2013

LM # 142

HI!!! It's Sunday and that means Lasting Memories has a new challenge for us and it's called
I bet you're thinking what's that?
It's a mixture of masculine & feminine Like Brother & Sister, Husband & Wife, Mother & Son ect...
I took it literally! I made a LO of a leather piece I made in 1987.
Framed it in Lace. (I was cleaning out some stuff and found my leather piece)
This is digital made with MDS2, the piece was too big for my paper and I didn't want to cut it!


  1. Beautiful I love the color.

  2. So well done, Denise. It follows the theme perfectly. I'm so happy to see your new Chic Challenges Favorite button. We start another this coming Wednesday. I hope to see you there.

  3. Oh Wow! That leather piece looks gorgeous and beautiful layout Denise.

  4. wow, amazing LO! thats cool that you incorporated leather into your LO and the leather piece is pretty cool too.

  5. Love that you made the leather piece! You are a talented lady!