Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lasting Memories #145

Lasting Memories has a brand new challenge for us this week!
I originally wanted to do a spray of butterflies but I was told butterflies are not for boys!
I love my airplanes! These are pix of my Great Nephew (pre school pictures)
This is not a Digital LO, it's actually paper! 
I used a Digi Darla image 'Living Airplane 6', colored in paintbrush because I wanted to print out more than one. I fussy cut out my airplanes. He adores his Grandpa (PaPa) and his PaPa works for the airlines and drives planes so plane's are perfect! 


  1. He sure has grown. What a wonderful layout. So cute!

  2. Way to totally think outside the box, girl! I would have never thought of airplanes, and they work so perfectly on this darling page!

  3. Handsome LO Denise! Wow, you did a great job fussy cutting those planes, Im the worst when it comes to fussy cutting. Didnt realize you could color in digis with paintbrush, wanna do a tutorial on that sometime???

  4. Denise I just love those photos! He is darling! And this is a very cool PAPER LO:) Those planes are cool:)