Monday, February 14, 2011

1st digital LO

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!! I got SU's digital studio. This is my 1st scrapbook LO and I think it looks pretty good for an amateur, each one will get better. Today I was just playing. Jean told me not to be afraid of it, just get in there and tackle it, so I did!
I took these pics on the way to my sis's in Houston. We don't have these transitional seasons in El Paso, it was just absolutely beautiful!!!
IT WAS ALL DONE IN DIGITAL AND I PRINTED IT MYSELF!!! My printer is only an 8.5 x 11. I don't know if they even make a 12in., do they Ali?!


  1. Denise, this is GORGEOUS! You're one up on me girl! I haven't ventured there yet! LOVE this! I wondered about the printing and I would love to know do you print a 12x12? Do you have to do something special, send it somewhere?? Way to go girl!

  2. CONGRATS,DENISE! I knew you could do it...pretty easy, eh?! Your first project is wonderful. SU has a professional print studio that you can send your pages to. I know there's a printer that can print 12 X 12, but it's too big and expensive for me. Keep it up! Now you can venture into hybrid projects.