Saturday, February 13, 2016

Coloring Without Boundaries Shading a Rose

I love to shade Roses and this is the perfect stamp to use 
Breena Melancholy Moppet at Lacy Sunshine Stamps
Start by lying down your lightest color RV11
Start shading! Roses are never the same color all the way through
The center is always darker Start adding darker colors R37, R27 Try to color a small section at a time
The colors blend better when they are still wet,
Add darker color under the folds of the rose
A rose is darker at the base and gets lighter at the ends
 Now start coloring the outer petals one at a time because they are bigger and you need to leave more of the light color
Leave your lighter color where you want the petal to cup
 See, that petal looks like it is cupping
 I want the last petal to look like it is cupping downward so leave the light color where you want it to fold down
 See how it looks like it folds down
I hope you try shading a rose and Always FOLLOW YOUR ARTIST
HEATHER VALENTIN'S stamps are  high quality and the lines always connect!

Here is my color recipe
I enhanced her skin with prisma and the polka dots are a molotow marker

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