Thursday, May 21, 2015

GOOD MORNING! from Denise

Today I'm making a Mixed Media collage using 3 images
'How To Tame A Beast by Charity Dauenhauer'
'Dragon Luck by Lisa Victoria'
'Come Play With Me by Gabriella Szabo'
Buy some wooden letters from your hobby store and Glue glue glue!
Use modgepodge matt and some metal glue
This is how it looks glued

Then add Gesso when the other dries overnight. Gesso is a primer for painting.

I colored with glimmermist and colorshine, I did not spray it, I used a brush and it's good when it pools, dry it a little with your embossing heat gun. (It will take several coats)

Remember ALL THIS IS JUNK so save your junk! LOL! The electrical switch plates are for my digis so I know to keep it flat and your done, JUST KIDDING!

I added my digis after I made the collage so I wouldn't get anything on them
I made sure I laminated my digis because it makes them more durable

I was asked to refrain from adding butterflies and flowers (I put them on everything! LOL! So dragonflies and leaves, HERE I COME!

These are really FUN to make but it has alot of steps!

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  1. Oh! Very cool!! Your house must be so neat - alot of personal touches, I love that! Great idea!