Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lasting Memories #195

Good Morning!
Our challenge this week at Lasting Memories, is create a selfie LO!
I hate pix of myself but here it is!
First of all, I bet I'm the only one in the world without a cell! I borrowed my friend's phone. Used my cricut alot. Changed my pic into black & white and sepia.


  1. No cell Denise?!?! ***GASP*** you might be the only person I know, but more power to you for not having a cell, there are days I wish I could get rid of it... I'm very impressed with your selfies, I can't take selfies that good, kudos to you. Back on point, your layout is awesome as usual, I love all the flower embellies...

  2. Denise, I have a cell phone but it's a brick and it doesn't have a built in camera, LOL!! I have a little pocket auto-everything camera that I keep in my handbag for "just in case" moments, and that's what my daughter borrows for her selfies (I think she's too young to have her own phone). No instagram, LOL! Poor deprived child has to wait till she can get home and plug it into my laptop to upload... how primitive!! Anyways... your LO is brilliant - love the colour+bw+sepia photos and the amazing brights you used.

  3. Denise, I think your LO, pictures and all, is lovely. Don't be afraid to make layouts of yourself. After all, your family is going to want you included in those albums someday. You did a great job!

  4. Don't feel bad Denise - I have one but rarely use it. It's a constant joke in my house and I still carry around a "point and shoot" camera like Karen :) My kids think I'm prehistoric!! Anyway I love this page, so vibrant and alive!

  5. Oh wow I don't know if I could survive without a cell phone? I don't have a land line any more. Sarah has a cell and I have two. So it made sence to get rid of it.