Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lasting Memories #188

First Kimberly, thank-you for all the great challenges this month!
We have another great challenge for you this week at Lasting Memories, the last of our month of April! Can you believe May is just around the corner?!
Anyhoo our challenge is Arbor/Earth Day
I put to use my punches and stamps. This is a view from my treehouse b4 my dogs redecorated it! (Apparently they didn't like my decor! LOL!)


  1. Love your use of colour with the lilac/lavendar tones - perfect for wisteria :) The photographs are fabulous - wisteria to me always brings to mind trellises, gardens and slow drives down quiet streets.

  2. I love the circular pattern, it really draws my eyes around the page, thats amazing...

  3. I found the same as Claire, the circles drew my eye around the page as well. I love how you put this all together!