Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lasting Memories #179

Haven picked all of our challenges for the month of Feb. and this will be the last week.
Thank-you Haven!
Our challenge this week at Lasting Memories is, a recipe, guilty pleasures...


  1. I love lemon meringue pie, and this recipe looks delish. The page is fabulous! I really like the little slices of pie throughout.

  2. Hey Denise, I love this! Great take on the challenge and a neat memory to have on paper too. That sounds delicious!

  3. Super cute layout love the way you did and the green paper love that I have some of the paper myself :)

  4. lemon meringue at the top of my favorite pies list. I really like the sour cream lemon pie or a citrus cheese cake. okay now all I can think about is pie.

  5. Great way to pass on the recipe! Love lemon pies!!! Send some my way