Sunday, February 3, 2013

LM 'Bananarama'

GOOD MORNING! We saw some Awesome LO's last week and now it's time for a brand New Challenge at Lasting Memories! It's called 'Bananarama' No, not just bananas, any kinda fruit! I must say, I was pretty stumped by this one and then I thought of the 'Fruits of our Labor'!

This is my buddy and I re-doing the ugly fireplace in my house.


  1. loads of wonderful stickers. They all work well together and play off the title nicely

  2. AWESOME idea!!! And what a beautiful fireplace indeed. And Look at that piece of goldish paper with bricks and everything. How cool is that?? 1986?? We had the same hair! LOL!! Mine was permed, about that length, a little more brown and BIG Bangs. :)

  3. great idea Denise!!! love the page with the gears and the fruit - they look great together