Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lena's mini stash challenge at Scrapbookers Anonymous

This was really alot of fun! I've never done this before. Here's my cheers project for Scrapbookers Anonymous' birthday month!
I cut out pictures from a magazine put them together "MY WAY"! I decorated this shoebox lid with my collage and then added a "CHEERS" sticker from Michaels. (Lena, I hope I did it right!)


  1. This looks awesome!! Hardly can't believe this is your first collage!!!
    LOVE the cat's head and the "Hulk" arms together with the golden necklace! Sooo FUNNY but oooh soooo cool!! You did a marvelous job!!!

  2. I seem to remember a picture of Grandmother holding a virgin margarita that would've been nice too, but this came out cute too

  3. cool! I love what you have done. So glad you played along with us at Scrapbookers Anonymous!

  4. Oh, I love this! Isn't Lena's challenge great? You nailed it!!! Thanks for joining in the fun at Scrapbookers Anonymous!!!

  5. this is sooooo cool. i love the pieces you picked to cut out. you are a great at collages =)