Monday, June 6, 2011

Lasting Memories challenge #41 Sketch with a little bling.

This wandered into my driveway yesterday and I knew I needed to make a LO. Actually I was a little bit jealous of you girls that have kids! Well I have a baby now! (he's a little bit hairy but...)I'm still looking for his previous owner though.
Can you believe it, it's digital (AMAZING) But I did add quite a bit of bling. The sketch is on my previous post and I did follow it.


  1. How darling Sam is and he is meant to be at your house!!!

  2. This is an awesome layout. And he looks so sad. I hope that you can either A find his owner, or B give him a loving home. How sad is that? Those pawprints are adorable...what are they?

  3. AWWW, he is adorable, and so if your l/o---I would be HOOKED if he wandered into my driveway.. :)

  4. So you are keeping him!! yay Sam you are one lucky puppy!!

  5. Omg, I would have to keep him. He's GORGEOUS!! Did you find his owner?? SOOO cute, but you know me, I love animals!!

    Love your LO this week, this is awesome!!!

    Did you call him Sam?

  6. Isn't he too cute, are you going to keep him?? Loving your mixture of digi and real - we call it hybrid here.
    Hope you are well.

    Hugs Ali x

  7. What a GORGEOUS layout!!! Great job!

    LM DT member

  8. love it, so cool that you did digi and added bling!! and what a cute facem how can you resist?? Thanks for joining in the challenge at Lasting Memories! =)Tiffany

  9. I love your page. It really does not look digital. I love that you added bling to it. And the subject is adorable. I hope you find the owners or that you get to keep him. Your page is wonderful.