Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring, Lasting Memories challenge #32

 I made this two page spread of last years spring bloom at my house (It's always beautiful but this year NOT SO MUCH! We had a hard freeze that El Paso is not prepared for! The palm tree's, all look pretty SAD! (amongst other things) My greenhouse used to be a jungle but it echoes now. Looks like EVERYTHING froze but I'm still hopeful!
I hadn't scrapped these yet. GOOD THING.
My neighbor's wisteria inter-mingled with my banks rose.
I used my digital SU program
and added some rub-ons and
flowers and bling.


  1. Hi Denise

    What a fantastic display of flowers and love how you have presented them. Shame they haven't been so good this year.

    Hugs Ali x

  2. That is beautiful Denise! Don't worry they will be beautimus again!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

  4. They'll be ok .. look!! You see LIFE!! They'll come back. Love your layouts, so pretty and colorful!!

  5. What a lovely layout! I love Spring and you've captured it!